-$100 minimum with all orders

-Setup fee starts at $40 every 30 min

-Anything we have to transport the first 100 feet is free as long its on flat land

-Any orders that we have to transport  through stairs, elevator, steps, and hills will be charged an additional fee

-Any orders for parks will be asked for a deposit 

-Valid CA local ID/DL is required upon delivery

-Please refer to Contact/Terms & Conditions for any additional information

unnamed map ISsw91I.jpg

Seating and Tables

white foldable chair.jpg

White Folding Chairs

cafe wooden top chair.jpg

Rustic Wooden Top Chair


Gold Chiavari Chairs with Cushion

white folding garden chair.jpg

Garden Chair


Rustic 30 inch Bar Stool
(cushion optional)


6ft Bench
(sits 3 adults)

8ft bench .jpeg

8ft Rustic Wooden Bench(sits 4 adults)

kid chair:table set.jpeg

Kid Set
(4 chairs/ 1 table) 

6ft table.jpeg

6ft Foldable  Table  (fits 6-8 chairs)

8ft White Table.jpg

8ft Table
(fits 8-10 chairs)


60' Round Table (fits 8-10 chairs)

rustic folding table.jpg

8x40 Solid Pine Rustic Table

Dinning bar table.jpg

4ft Dinning Bar Table(42 high)

cocktail table.jpg

30"Round  Cocktail Table
(30" high or 42" high)
(42"high optional black spandex)

wine barrel.jpg

Rustic Wine Barrel

half wine barrel.jpeg

Half Rustic Wine Barrel

prep table.jpeg
serpentine table.png

4ft Prep Table

Serpentine Table



Black Folding Bar

Rustic Wine Barrel Bar


wicker sofa .jpg

Wicker Sofa 
(can be arranged different ways)

umbrella .jpg

9' Adjustable Umbrella with Base

electric patio heater.jpg

1,500 Watt Stainless Steel Electric Patio Heater

IMG_0028 (1).jpg

50000 BTU Fire pit (full tank)

gun metal patio heater.jpg

46000 BTU Patio Heater (full tank)

36000 BTU Dancing Flame Patio Heater
(full tank)

10x20 Grass Rug

10x20 Wood Flooring


Please measure your space before giving us a call
All decorations most be removed upon pick up

Light Duty

flat shape canopy .jpeg

Economy White Canopy 5x7- fit 1 6ft table
$80 and up

Light Duty


White Pop-up Canopy 10x10- fit 2 6ft tables (we offer with sides)

Light Duty


White Pop-pop Canopy
10x20- fit 4 6ft tables
(we offer with sides)

Medium Duty

beige canopy.jpeg

Economy Beige Canopy
10x20- fit 4 6ft tables
(we can remove sides)  $155 and up

Medium Duty

20x20 canopy.jpg

Economy White Canopy
10x20- fit 4 6ft tables
(we can remove sides)
$175 and up

Medium Duty

20x20 canopy.jpg

Economy White Canopy 10x30/20x20- fit 8 6ft tables
(we can remove sides)
$195 and up

Heavy Duty

frame tent.jpeg

 White Frame Tent
10x10- fit 2 6ft tables
(we can add sides)
$275 and up

Heavy Duty

frametent .jpeg

White Frame Tent
10x20- fit 4 6ft tables
(we can add sides)
$375 and up


CHAUVET Light (SlimPAR 64).jpg

Chauvet Light (SlimPAR 64)


waterfall light.jpg

9ft Curtain Light



Uplighting Black Shield Cover


string light.jpeg

40ft String Light



9.6ft String Light Pole


metal cage light .jpg

Metal Cage Light


Food Service

All equipment:
Must be wiped down when returned
Are self serve 
Require electricity

waring oven.jpeg

Tabletop  Convectional Oven 1.5 Cubic

(120 Volt 1700 watts)


waring cast iron.jpeg

7inch Cast Iron Single Burner(1300 watt)


food warmer.jpeg

20" x 12" Food Warmer (6 depth)


cotton candy machine.jpg

Cotton Candy Machine (sugar and cones for 50 people)

snow cone.jpg
popcorn machine.jpg

Snow Cone Machine (cones and syrup for 50 people) no ice included

Popcorn Machine (kettle and bags for 50 people) 

Buffet Setup

All equipment must be wiped down when returned

wzrming try.webp

 Electric Warming Tray ( 21” x 16)


8qt Chafer Dish
(can be offereed with  (sterno included)


Stainless Steel Soup Warmer.jpg

7qt Soup Warmer (sterno included)


Buffet Serving Stand.jpg

Buffet Serving Stand


cake stand.jpg

13inch Cake Stand


punch bowl.jpg

3.5gal Punch Bowl


better tray.webp

20.9 x 13.4 Oblong Tray



10.5inch  Serving Utility Tongs


serving fork.jpeg
serving spoon.jpg
Slotted Serving Spoon .jpg
fill n chill.jpeg

13inch Serving Fork


10inch Serving spoon


11.25inch Serving  Slotted spoon


6ft Fill N Chill Table (optional skirt)



All equipment must be wiped down when returned

igloo 10 gallon .jpg

10gal Beverage Dispenser 


Cambro Beverage Dispenser, 4.75 Gallon.w

4.7gal Cambro Beverage Dispenser (hot/cold)



165qt Cooler



Cambro Pan

Carrier (hot/cold)


half wine barrel.jpeg
baker rack.jpeg

Rustic Wine Barrel Tub


20 Sheet Baker Rack


Infuser Cold Beverage Dispenser, 3gal 


Please measure your space before giving us a call
Jumper unit rules


Jumper/ Basket Ball Hoop(require 15x15 space)

jumper slide.webp

Jumper/Slide/ Basket Ball Hoop (require 15x22 space)

water slide jumper.png

Jumper/Water Slide/Basket Ball Hoop (require 30x15 space)


Kids Play Structure

For kids ages 2-6

kids play mat.jpg
kid barricade .jpg
peek-a-boo caterpillar .jpeg

Indoor play mat




Play House

(3x4 space)


Peek-A-Boo Caterpillar (3x5 space)



connect 4.jpg

Jumbo Connect 4 (4ft tall and 4ft wide)


jumbo jenga.jpeg

Table Size Jumbo Jenga

corn hole.jpg

Corn Hole


ladder toss.png

Ladder Ball

beer pong.png

8ft Beer Pong Table



84" Poker table (sit 8-10)



Foosball Table



2 on 2 Putting game


Gaint Checkers


Power Source


3200/4000 Watt Generator         (6 hour run time)

silent generator.jpeg

2800/3100Watt  Generator         (8 hour run time)


8750/7000Watt  Generator         (10 hour run time)

extension cord.jpeg

100ft Extension Cord 

surge protector outlet.jpg
cable protector.jpeg
Indoor & Outdoor Electrical Power Cord Enclosure.jpeg

Outlet Surge Protector

Speed Bumps Cable Protector

Indoor & Outdoor Electrical Power Cord Enclosure



ION Bluetooth Speaker (can be offered with mic)

dolly .jpeg

800lb Hand truck (folds horizontally)

z rack.jpg

Garment Z Rack

black bin.JPG

32gal Garbage Bin(bag included)

slim trash .jpeg

23gal Garbage Bin(bag included)



stanchion .jpeg

6ft Retractable Belt Station (can be offered with sign holder)


Black Podium