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Dear Customers, Due to the recent inflation cost, we have been forced to increase our minimums on free deliveries, We adjusted our delivery fees. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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            Delivery Fees

We have a $100 Minimum with all orders.

Check the map and see if a delivery fee applies to your location.

We cannot give pricing over the phone.

We only deliver and don't offer an in store pick up option.

(20% deposit is required to secure rentals)

We DO NOT offer linens.

If it's not listed, we don't offer it.

Please see Contact Terms & Conditions before contacting us.

Anything we have to transport the first 100 feet is FREE as long its on flat land and NOT through homes, stairs or steps as we use dollies.

Any orders that we have to transport through stairs, elevator, 4+ steps, or hills will be charged an additional fee.

$2 a step with items less then 50lb (depends on the

quantity of items and trips up and down)

Dirty or wet equipment will be charge a cleaning fee.

Any orders for parks or venues will be asked for an additional deposit depending on size of order.

Valid CA local ID/DL is require on delivery.


Day before deliveries are not a guarantee, unless you pay for the services

San Pablo Delivery Fee HibkLds.jpg
San Pablo Delivery Fee HibkLds_edited_ed

Delivery area fees on the map are just a rough estimate, please inquire with us to confirm.

(We offer Insurance on everything but inflatables) 


Seating and Tables

Setup or Breakdown is NOT included

white foldable chair.jpg
white folding garden chair.jpg
cafe wooden top chair.jpg


White Folding Chairs

White Folding Garden Chairs

Rustic Gunmetal Chair Wood Top

Gold Aluminum Chiavari Chairs with Cushion

8ft bench .jpeg

Gun Metal Bar Stool
30' High


Rustic Wooden Farm Bench
(sits 2 or 4 adults)
3.5 feet or 8 foot

$25.00 - $40.00
kid chair:table set.jpeg

Kid Set
(4 chairs/ 1 table)29x29

kids picnic table.jpg

Kid Bench Set
(Seats 4 kids)35x32

cocktail table.jpg
6ft table.jpeg
8ft White Table.jpg

30' & 36' Round  Cocktail Tables
(30" high or 42" high)
$12.00  -  $14.00

6ft Foldable Table (fits 6-8 chairs)72x30

8ft Table
(fits 8-10 chairs)96x30

60' Round Table
(fits 8-10 chairs)

rustic folding table.jpg

Solid Wood Farm Table 

(8x40 seats 8-10)


Rustic Wine Barrel


winebarrel bar.jpg

Rustic Wine Barrel Bar

(Two wine barrels and 8ft table top)


fill n chill.jpeg

6ft 74x32 Fill N Chill Table
(can be offered with skirt)

stainless steel table1.jpg

Stainless Steel Prep Table 



Outdoor & Decor
wicker sofa .jpg

Wicker Sofa 
(can be arranged different ways)
(usual ware & tare)(7 30" Pieces)


Black Gloss Bar 
20"D x 48w x 43"H


sweet cart.webp

Sweet Cart
22" Width x 49" Length x 70 " Height 
Material Finish;
White or Rustic Wood


Wood Marquee Numbers 

(Choose numbers from 0-9,

(All are 40 inches tall)

(lights can be removed to install balloons)

$85.00 each

IMG_0028 (1).jpg

Fire pit
(w/full tank)


Patio Heater 48,000 btu
(w/full tank)


Pipe & Drape $60-$100
1 Section (indoors only) 
First section setup free
(6-10ft tall, 
7-10ft wide)
Available Drape Colors
Black, White 

backdrop lights.jpg

Curtain Lights
$60 Installed  

(9.5x9.5)(only lights)

wall roses.webp
flower white backdrop.webp
red wall.webp

Flower Pink Rose     Backdrop  
1 Section 8x8
(Price includes Frame and Setup)


Flower White Rose Backdrop  
1 Section 8x8
(Price includes Frame and Setup)

Flower Red Rose Backdrop  
1 Section 8x8
(Price includes Frame and Setup)


Bubbly Cart $160
Holds 40 Champagne flutes
& 1
 ice buckets
6'7 Tall, 4ft Wide, 1.5 Deep
Great For;
Champagne Greets
Mimosas, Wine

LED Cube Chairs.jpeg

Light Cube Stool  1

(16 inches tall, multiple colors or solid)

$10 each

mrs&mrs letters.webp

Mr & Mrs Letters

1ft tall 



Rustic Lantern Set  

Comes with 2 flickering non flammable candles

Medium 23.5" Tall

Large 3" Tall


Canopies & More

Things to know before giving us a call,
Measure your are, We need an extra 2 feet on each side.
Is it going on grass, dirt, concrete or gravel?
Flat area, Trees, overhangs or permanent structures? 
(We Install Canopies and Tents)(Deposits are none refundable)
Add ons are available for extra; Lights, Fans, Chandaliers, GrassRugs, Uplights , Discoball


White Pop-up Canopy
10x10 (fit 2 6ft tables) $70.00
10x15 (fit 3 6ft tables) $100.00+
10x20 (fit 4 6ft tables) $110.00+

(All pop ups are fire retardant cert)
-10ft Sides are available for $5
-Gutters are available $5

Pop up tents are not water proof, only water resistant 


beige canopy.jpeg
20x20 canopy.jpg

Beige Canopy
(Roof Only) (20ft panel Sides $10.00 each)
10x20 (fit 4 6ft tables) $130+
10x40 (fit 8 6ft tables) $260+
10x60 (fit 12 6ft tables) $390+
10x80 (fit 16 6ft tables) $410+

(Sides on picture are just for reference)

White Canopy (ECONOMY)
(Roof Only) (20ft panel Sides $10.00 each)

13x30 (fit 10 6ft tables) $190.00+
20x20 (fit 8 6ft tables) $160.00+
20x30 (fit 12 6ft tables) $220.00+
20x40 (fit 16 6ft tables) $340.00+
Can build longer tents upon request

Tents below will have poles in the middle

40x40 (fit 16 6ft tables) $680.00+
40x50 (fit 24 6ft tables) $780.00+
40x60 (fit 32 6ft tables) $920.00+
(sides on picture are just for reference)



(Premium) Frame Tents 

White 20x20 $460+

White 20x30 $600+

White 20x40 $740+

White 20x50 $880+

-Fire proof certification stamp

-Up to 35 mph wind resistant

-Water Resistant

-Sides are separate

-White Solid Sides (20ft $25 each)

-White Sides w/windows (20ft $30 each)

-White Pole Drapes ($30 each)

tent fan1.jpg
Pole Tent Fan
12" Schafer Pole tent Fan 

10X20 Grass Carpet
(shows signs of wear and wrinkles from fold)

Portable Stages
All staging pieces are separate. Please pick what you need when placing your order.
If area is uneven, please let us know. (Additional charges may apply)

Maximum Sizes at the moment are 8x56 or 16x28 with a 24" max height.
Can be split into different sizes.

4x8 Stage
16"-24"Adjustable legs

2 Step Adjustable Stairs

4' Stage Guard Rail 

Black Stage Skirt 4x8


(example for picture bellow)

16x16 Stage No Skirts

8 Panels

2 stair cases

10 Rails

Lighting & Misc

CHAUVET Light (SlimPAR 64).jpg

Chauvet Light 


Multicolor Uplighting 
Black Shield Cover

string light.jpeg

40ft String Light
(can be used with canopy)


9ft String Light Pole
(Not Actual Picture, works only on grass. Need one every 20ft)

Soft Box Lighting Kit

150 watt


outside lights.jpeg

(can be used with canopy in addition to string lights)


(can be used with canopy in addition to string lights)

disco ball.jpeg

Disco Ball 
Choose between
16"or 20"
Comes with;
4 spotlights
Revolving base
Power strip 
Extension cord


Portable LED Work Light 20,000 Lumens, Professional Lighting Dispersed in 360 Degrees, Weather Resistant Durable Indoor Outdoor Use with Telescoping Tripod Stand


Disco Ball Truss
(6.5ft Truss w/white skirt, Revolving Disco ball, 2 Spotlights, 2 revolving heads,2 SpiderHeads )

Projector Set
Comes with;
120inch Projector Screen
Stand for Laptop & Projector 
Hdmi Cable



Cold Spark Machine
600w each
Spray height 6-12 feet adjustable
DMX 3 channel
Comes with1 bag (lasts 10-14min)
Additional bags available

$230.00 each

fog machine.jpg

Fog Machine 

(1300w Mobil Medium Fog Machine w/Remote)


Food & Concession  Service

All equipment
-Must be wiped down when returned unless you    
payed the cleaning fee

-All equipment are self serve 
-Machines require electricity

nacho warmer.jpg

Nacho Chip warmer w/Cheese Dispenser

Snow Cone Machine (cones and syrup for 50 people)( no ice included)

popcorn machine.jpg

Popcorn Machine
8oz & 16oz kettle available
(kettle and bags for 50 people) 
5.00 - $95.00


cotton candy machine.jpg

Cotton Candy Machine (sugar and cones for 50 people)


8qt Chafer Dish
only water pan
2 sterno included


hotdog machine.jpg
Hot Dog Machine
30 Hot Dog Roller Cooker
beer pump.jpg
Beer Pump
(Screws to the top of a keg)


All equipment must be wiped down when returned

igloo 10 gallon .jpg

10gal Beverage Dispenser 

Cambro Beverage Dispenser, 4.75 Gallon.w

4.7gal Cambro Beverage Dispenser (hot/cold)


165qt Cooler


Cambro 8 Pan
Carrier (hot/cold)

baker rack.jpeg
half wine barrel.jpeg

20 Sheet Baker Rack


Rustic Wine Barrel Tub

Inflatables (Inflatables are multicolor and picked at random)
Inflatables do not come with a generator for power. If its windy its not advisable to use inflatables (use at your own risk)(We do not offer Insurance for any inflatable)

jumper slide.webp
slide only jumper.png

2 in 1 Regular Jumper w/Basket Ball Hoop
(require 15x16 space)

3 in 1 Slide Jumper w/Basket Ball Hoop
(require 15x22 space)

Big Slide Jumper (require 18x26 space)

water slide jumper.png
8x8 small jumper.jpg

Portable Inflatable Photo Booth Enclosure

(White,Two Doors,8.2x8.2x8.2ft) 

Photo Booth Tent with Air Blower and Remote Controller, Photo Booth Backdrop for Wedding Event


4 in 1 Water Slide Jumper w/Basket Ball Hoop
(require 15x28 space)

Mini Indoor
Regular Jumper
(perfect for kids under 4yrs, requires 8X9 Space)



Foosball Table

jumbo jenga.jpeg

Jumbo Jenga

corn hole.jpg

Corn Hole


2 on 2 Putting game

beer pong.png
ladder toss.png
connect 4.jpg

8ft Beer Pong Table

84" Poker Table(sit 8-10)(comes with poker chips and cards)

Ladder Ball

Jumbo Connect 4
(3ft tall x 3.5ft wide)

(4ft tall x 4ft wide)


Giant Checkers
33inch x 33inch



Throw Axe Game
5ft Tall 
6 Safety Axes


Outdoor Bowling Pins


Basketball Pong
12 Buckets, 2 Balls

Giant Dice Set

Dual Shot BasketballGame
(comes with 6 balls)
(Scored Board Not guranteed to work)

Untitled (720 × 1280 px) (720 × 1000 px).png

Soccer Set
2 6ft Goals            
4 flags
6 Team Vests       
1 Soccer Ball
1 Score Keeper

Power Source


(6 hour run time)

surge protector outlet.jpg

Outlet Surge Protector

(8 hour run time)

extension cord.jpeg

Extension Cord 



(8 hour run time)




Bluetooth Speaker 500watt

(Wireless Single Microphone $30)

dolly .jpeg

800lb Hand truck
(folds horizontally)



Wireless Handheld Dual Wireless Microphone 


z rack.jpg

Garment Z Rack

stanchion .jpeg

6ft Retractable Belt Station (set of 2)



(shows signs of wear)


black bin.JPG

44gal garbage bin
(1 bag included)
(we offer garbage
removal for extra)

cable protector.jpeg

Speed Bumps Cable Protector


28"Heavy Duty Safety Cones

$2.50 each

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