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Canopies and Tents
Canopies and tents will be on the bottom of this page
Please read everything below before booking

We reserve the right to cancel an order on the spot if we feel its not safe to work or to install a canopy or tent.


-Measure the space to make sure the Canopy/Tent fits. (Deposit is non refundable)

-In order for us to setup anything we need the space to be clear from any obstacles such such as trees, post, part of the building, loose wiring, or personal items(it helps if the customer has the space marked where they want the equipment setup)

-We charge a cleaning fee if any of our equipment is covered in decorations or food

-Customer cannot puncture anything through the equipment (can be charged for the full side or roof)

-The ground must be leveled where we are setting up (anything custom we need to know before event)

-Keep in mind parks, beaches, and clear large open areas have higher gust of winds, so it might be a completely different from the forecast

-Most parks require a special permit for anything bigger than a 10x10 tent, so please check with the park before ordering 


-Weighing down equipment options:

1)stakes (customer must investigate if they have any plumbing, gas, or electrical passing through the space)

2)water barrels (customer must provide the water and we must dump the water there once we are done)

3)concrete weights (cannot be transported through stairs or delicate flooring)

We prefer text to place and order, we need everything in writing so there's no mistake on both our ends.

Questions please call or text



NOTE: Delivery area fees on the map are just a rough estimate, please contact us for a more accurate quote


Light Duty 

Pop-Up Tent

White Pop-up Canopy
(Roof Only)
10x10 (fit 2 6ft tables) $70.00+
10x15 (fit 3 6ft tables) $100.00+
10x20 (fit 4 6ft tables) $110.00+
(All pop ups are fire retardant cert)

-45lb weights $5.00 each
-10ft Sides are available for $5.00  each
-Gutters are available $5.00 each

(Pop up tents are not water proof, only water resistant)
(Rated to 15mph winds)

Medium Duty

Beige Canopy  (Roof Only) 
(20ft panel Sides $10.00 each)
10x20 (fit 4 6ft tables) $130+
10x40 (fit 8 6ft tables) $260+
10x60 (fit 12 6ft tables) $390+
10x80 (fit 16 6ft tables) $410+

(Sides on picture are just for reference) 


White Canopy (Roof Only) 
(20ft panel Sides $10.00 each)

(Rated for 23mph winds)
13x30 (fit 10 6ft tables) $190.00+
20x20 (fit 8 6ft tables) $160.00+
20x30 (fit 12 6ft tables) $220.00+
2​0x40 (fit 16 6ft tables) $340.00+

Canopies Bellow are 2 Feet taller. Sides are $20 each
30x30 (fit 16 6ft tables) $340.00+
30x40 (fit 22 6ft tables) $440.00+
30x50 (fit 32 6ft tables) $540.00+

Can build longer tents upon request
Tents below this text will have poles in the middle
40x40 (fit 16 6ft tables) $680.00+
40x50 (fit 24 6ft tables) $780.00+
40x60 (fit 32 6ft tables) $920.00+

(sides on picture are just for reference)

Medium Duty

Heavy Duty

White Frame Tent 

White 20x20 $460+

White 20x30 $600+

White 20x40 $740+

White 20x50 $880+

-Fire proof certification stamp

-Up to 35 mph wind resistant

-Water Resistant

-Sides are separate

-White Solid Sides (20ft $25 each)

-White Sides w/windows (20ft $30 each)

-White Pole Drapes ($30 each)


Add ons are under rental equipment 


Pole Tent Fan



9 Light Chandelier

string light.jpeg


40ft String Light

disco ball.jpeg


16 or 20 Disco Ball

CHAUVET Light (SlimPAR 64).jpg


Chauvet Light



10x20 Grass Rug



3 Light Chandelier



10x20 Wood Floor

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