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Nerf & Gel Battlefield

Nerf & Gel Package Comparison

    Welcome to our mobile inflatable battlefield, is perfect for ages 6 to 70 years old (Younger kids are welcome but need an adult present helping with pumping guns.) All the fun and excitement of "Paintball" without the bruises and mess. We promote good sportsmanship, cooperation and integrity through organized fast paced games. Nerf & Gel themed parties are awesome, fun, and safe. Nerf / Gel Battlefield comes to your selected location (park, community association, church youth group, or wherever there is a large grass area). We set up inflatable bunkers to create an awesome and challenging battlefield and provide 1-3 party hosts/referees with all premium and above package. We provide Nerf or Gel guns/rifles, bullets, team jerseys, and safety glasses/masks. Our experienced Nerf hosts lead structured games and battles such as - Fortnite Duos, Shoot the VIP, Hit List, Elimination, Humans vs. Trolls, Star Wars, and many more… Capture the Flag is the most popular among kids.


We generally arrive 30-45 min prior to the start of the party to set up all the equipment. We go over all the safety rules with kids and all participants must wear safety glasses. Glasses are included with all packages. PREMIUM, SUPREME, ULTIMATE, and SUPER-ULTIMATE packages included safety masks as well. We teach sportsmanship, fair play, and integrity through our various games!

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-Gellet are best for pickup in parks.

-Park w/grass events require a $50 fee for Nerf to pickup darts from grass.

(Fee can be waved if participants help at the end to clean them all up)(Deposit is required)

-Additional time can be added to packages - 30 minutes =$75, 60 minutes = $150. A $40 Travel fee for events exceeding a 15-mile radius of 94801 may apply.



Designed for large groups of up to 60 participants - youth through adults, 120 minutes of fun, safety glasses for all participants! We provide everything - 18 bunkers and barriers scattered throughout the battlefield, jerseys, Nerf guns, and 1200 bullets supplied! The Ultimate battle but bigger and crazier than ever!


Please checkout our terms and conditions before contacting us.

(full t&c on link on top right) 

Clear Criminal Check & Certificate available upon request.

  • Bronze package requires security deposit for the guns and bunkers.

  • Best in open fields or large basketball court size venues 80ft x 40ft. Smaller Barriers can be provided for smaller area's.

  • Please make sure we're allowed to be at your venue location(inflatable barriers) prior to booking with us, we are not responsible for any fines and payment will be non refundable.

  • Gellets do hurt more than nerf darts when hit on the skin, please take note, maybe NOT suitable for younger kids 6-8 years of age.

  • Gellets are 99% water and 1% starch.

  • You're welcome to bring your own guns, leave your bullets at home and use ours. (No nerf rival bullets, yellow round ones)(Large magazine guns are Not advice for team games)

  • 20% is none refundable.

  • Once you submit your party information we will contact you and let you know if that date is available. Once the invoice is emailed to you, we require the full amount to be paid 7 days before your event date. Any additional balance (extra safety glasses, extra kids etc.) will be due on the party date.

  • If the event is canceled due to inclement weather, we can reschedule your event for the closest convenient time with no additional fees require.

To make a Reservation

Please call or text 510-999-7368


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(Nerf Battlefield is at your own risk and Hernandez Party Rentals is not liable for any fines, accidents, damage to property, injuries or death.) 
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