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Rules to follow during use of jumper units

Jumper unit shall not be moved once setup

Adult supervision at all times

Do not wet jumper unit(unless its the water slide jumper)

All persons must remove shoes before playing in jumper unit

To avoid neck, back and other injuries, flips, summer-salts and rough housing are not allowed

Remove all eye glasses before entering the jumper unit

No sharp objects inside the jumper unit

No food, drinks, candy, gum, balloons, and silly string inside the jumper unit.

Do not pull or hang on the netting/side walls

Do not play with on/off switch on the blower unit

Exit and deflate jumper unit if winds exceed 15 miles per hour

Do not go down the slide in pairs or groups (only one by one)

If jumper unit starts to deflate, all person most exit immediately and check for one of the following:

-check if the motor is still connected to an electrical outlet

-check blockage on the air intake screen on the side of the blower unit

-check the two air tubes on the back of the jumper unit for snugness and tightness

-switch electrical outlets

Only compatible age groups and size shall play on the jumper unit at the same time for their own safety:

-children 8 and under (8)

-children 9-12 (6)

-older teens (4)

- adults (2)

Jumper unit must be inflated at pick up

Jumper unit must be picked up the same day when outdoors in a public area

Jumper left over night will be charged a cleaning fee if wet the next day

Jumper will be picked up if it starts raining or drizzling 

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