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Canopies and Tents 

-Before booking measure the space to make sure the equipment fits

-In order for us to setup anything we need the space to be clear from any obstacles such such as trees, post, part of the building, loose wiring, or personal items(it helps if the customer has the space marked where they want the equipment setup)

-We charge a cleaning fee if any of our equipment is covered in decorations or food

-Customer cannot puncture anything through the equipment (can be charged for the full side or roof)

-The ground must be leveled where we are setting up (anything custom we need to know before event)

-Keep in mind parks, beaches, and clear large open areas have higher gust of winds, so it might be a completely different from the forecast

-Must parks require a special permit for anything bigger than a 10x10 tent, so please check with the park before ordering 

-Weighing down equipment options:

1)stakes are free (customer must investigate if they have any  plumbing, gas, or electrical passing through the space)

2)water barrels are $10 each(customer must provide the water and we must dump the water there once we are done)

3)concrete weights are $20 each(cannot be transported through stairs or delicate flooring)

Reserve Today (415)509-3909

Light Duty 


10x10 pop upTent
$90 plus $10 per wall
10x20 pop up Tent
$135 plus $10 per wall

-We do not recommend these tents over night

-These tents cant handle more than 15mph winds

-Weights are included for these specific tents

-These tents are only water resistance not water proof

-Setup/breakdown is only included up to 2 tents

Medium Duty

10x20 Canopy
$175 plus $20 per wall
20x20 Canopy
$195 plus $20 per wall
10x30 Canopy
$195 plus $20 per wall

-Canopy can be combined to make bigger canopy ex) two 20x20 is 20x40

-Price is including setup/breakdown

-This canopy cant handle more than 30mph winds


Heavy Duty


10x10 Tent
$275 plus $30 per wall
10x20 Tent 
$375 plus $30 per wall

-Tent can be combined to make bigger tent ex) two 10x20 can be 10x40 or 20x20

-Price is including setup/breakdown

-This tent cant handle more than 50mph wind

-Fire proof certificate stamp

-water proof

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