Please Note

-Forecast is unpredictable, so we may have to cancel certain orders due to rain or high winds on the same day.

-Customer is responsible for any insurance required by parks, halls, or associations for any rental equipment.

-Any rental equipment excessively dirty will be charged a cleaning fee.
-All Equipment that requires power does NOT come with a generator, we do offer different types of generators for extra cost.
(note if your at a home you don't need a generator if you have access to power.)

-Equipment must be wiped down when returned.

-All reservations canceled within 48hr period will be charged a cancellation fee or the full amount.

-All returned checks will be charged $60, that includes bank fees and travel back fees.

-Customers take full responsibility for all the items that are damaged and lost.

-Customer must let us know if we need to carry or transport any equipment through stairs, elevators, steps, hills, or long distance on foot.

-Customer must confirm order on the morning of delivery or a day before if not we will assume order is canceled.

-Customer is given 2 hours to let us know if any of our equipment is defective or damaged, so we can replace or refund.

-We only wait for a customer to arrive at the location for 15 min before we leave, so we wont be late to other orders.
-We charge a fee for making an additional trip for an order.

-We only deliver and don't offer an in store pick option 

-Payment must given upon delivery or before hand.

Areas We Serve 

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San Francisco (415)509-3909

San Pablo (415)734-0777

Sacramento (916)301-9799


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