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San Francisco (415) 509-3909

San Pablo (415) 734-0777

Sacramento (916) 301-9799

(Please mention if theres stairs, since its an additional fee)

We Serve

San Francisco, San Pablo and Sacramento



-If there is Rain jumpers will NOT be Rented out.

-If there is heavy winds, 25mph+ (roof tops, parks or large open areas)  we will have to cancel Tents or Jumpers.

-Customer is responsible for any insurance required 

 by the park, hall or association for any rental equipment.

-Jumpers Rented out that are excessively dirty will 

 be charge a $40 cleaning fee

-Machine Rentals that are not return wiped down are subjected to

 a $10 cleaning fee.

-The customer takes full responsibility for damage chairs, tables,  canopies, jumpers esc.. and will be charge a repair or replacement fee.

-We DO NOT offer home assessments at this time. We can stop by if its  in our route as a curtesy, but not a guarantee. 

-If calls are not answered on the day of delivery we will assume the order is canceled. 


Please include the City and date the event is for.