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 Terms and conditions


1.)Forecast is unpredictable, so we may have to cancel certain orders due to rain or high winds on the same day.
2.)Make sure parks or venues allow the rental equipment before making your reservation, there are no refunds if we install     
   equipment and park ranger shuts down your event. We charge a Fee to come back before the scheduled time.

3) Be sure to measure the area before we arrive at your location, to make sure the equipment fits, also take into consideration    that nothing should be in the way, that includes above the area. (2 feet are required on each side of the tent.)
4) Any rental equipment excessively dirty will be charged a cleaning fee.

5) Any decorations should be removed/cleared before we pick up equipment. We are on a time schedule.
6) Nothing should be attached to equipment by puncturing or drilling.
7) Tents or Inflatables will NOT be moved once installed.
8) NOTE all Equipment that requires power, it does NOT come with a generator, we do offer different types of generators for
   extra cost. (note you don't need a generator if you have access to power outlet.)
9) Equipment must be wiped down when returned if stained or a mess.
10) All returned checks will be charged $60, that includes bank fees and travel back fees.
11) Customers take full responsibility for all the items that are damaged and lost.

12)Nothing over 150F should be placed directly on top of our plastic/wooden tables as they will be damage.
13) NO Cutting DIRECTLY on top of our tables. (Please use cutting board.)
14) Customer must let us know if we need to carry or transport any equipment through stairs, elevators, steps, hills, or over a     100ft on foot.
15) Customer is given 2 hours to let us know if any of our equipment is defective or damaged, so we can replace or refund.
16) We only wait for a customer to arrive at the location for 15 min before we leave, that also goes for customers
   that can't make   up their mind once we are there. We are on a time so we wont be late to other orders.
17) We charge a fee for making an additional trip for an order.
18) We only deliver to where event will be heald and don't offer an in store pick up option
19) Payment must be received at the latest upon delivery or before hand.
20) Furniture Setup fee starts at $50 every 30 min.
21.) Orders for parks will be asked for a deposit via Credit Card Only.  
22) Customer must inform us that we need foot covering or wrapping paper on the floor before their event
23) After/before hours delivery will be charged $40 per every hour 
24) Cancellation Fees: (First 20% Deposit is non refundable)
-Within 1 Calendar days of delivery or will call-80%
-Within 2 Calendar days of delivery or will call-75%
-Within 3-5 calendar days of delivery or will call-50%

Areas We Serve 

You can call or text all 3 locations(NO GROUP TEXT PLEASE)
(by texting you are acknowledging you read terms and conditions and agree with them.)

San Francisco (415)509-3909

San Pablo (510)999-RENT (7368)
Mechanical Bull, Photo Booth, Dunk Tank, Soft Play

Sacramento (916)301-9799
Softplay, Dunk Tank

What to text us when booking:

(Please follow this guidelines, mistakes can void the order confirmation)(All reservations will have delivery windows, please request what times work best for you, NOT Guaranteed)

1.)Name for the invoice

2.) Address to where we are delivering to

3.) Delivery/pick up time and date (if available a day before please specify and times)

4.) Letting us know if we have to carry or transport any equipment through stairs, elevators, steps,        hills, or long distance on foot (we transport all equipment on a dolly)

5.)Is the delivery/pick up located at house, apartment, venue, or park.

6.)Equipment rental needed.

7.)If you require setup or breakdown 
(fees apply)(if not broken down when we arrive, a fee will apply.)

(Please Acknowledge with the vendor of HPR you read and agree with our terms & Conditions)

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