Agreement & Terms

-All Tents/Inflatables can be Canceled same day if weather doesn't permit

 (high winds  23mph+, large open areas, thunder storms) Emergency's.

-Make sure parks or venues allow tents/Inflatables before making your reservation,  there are no refunds if we come to install and park rangers make you take it down. We  charge a Fee to come back before the scheduled time.

-Be sure to measure the area before we arrive to your location, to make sure tent/inflatable fits, NO eves, trees, structures etc. We charge half of the rental if  we come out, and it doesn't fit.

-Nothing should be attached to tent by puncturing or drilling.

-Any decorations on tents or below tents should be removed/cleared before we pick  up. We are on a time schedule.

-Tent or Inflatables will NOT be moved once installed.

-If you notice anything delivered in bad shape or broken let us know within 3 hours of  delivery, or we will charge you for broken item.

-Equipment excessively dirty will be charge a cleaning fee (from $20-$200)


-NO food, silly string, drinks, or sharp objects inside of inflatables.

-Nothing over 150F should be placed directly on top of our plastic tables as they will  get damage.

-NO Cutting DIRECTLY on top of our tables. (Please use cutting board.)

-Furniture Setup fee starts at $40 every 30 min.

-Delivery of items on location, the first 100 feet are free as long as it's on flat land  and  NOT inside homes, basements, over rocks, sand or hills. 

-Any orders that we have to transport  through stairs, elevator, 6+ steps, or hills will be  charged an additional fee.

-Orders for parks will be asked for a deposit 

Cancellation Fees

-Within 1 Calendar days of delivery or will call-100%

-Within 2 Calendar days of delivery or will call-75%

-Within 3-5 calendar days of delivery or will call-50%


Please Acknowledge with your vendor of HPR you read and agree with our terms.